Groundnut Farming Process Made Simple

Groundnut and Foods made with groundnut

Groundnut Farming is a very lucrative agro-business venture and guarantees a large return on investment, especially when the right practices are applied. Interestingly, groundnut can be cultivated in a wide range of environment. However, it grows well in arid and semi-arid regions, requiring an optimum temperature of about 30oC. Because of its numerous uses, groundnuts … Read more

Snail Housing Construction

The type and dimension of your snail housing (also called snailery, or snail pen), depend largely on the snail growing system you choose, and on the quantity of snails you intend to produce. The age of snail, temperature, location, weather conditions, and flooding vulnerability of your snail farm, are all factors to consider. As management activities and … Read more

Cassava Farming Process

Cassava (Manihot esculenta) has so many uses . Little wonder the demand for cassava is high both in local and international markets, thereby making the business of cassava farming and processing very profitable. The cassava farming process explains the steps involved in successfully growing cassava, from land preparation to harvesting of cassava crops. There are many … Read more